Chehalem Mountain Pottery is nestled among towering Douglas Firs and
Big Leaf Maples on the verdant north slope of Chehalem Mountain, just a
few miles west of Portland, Oregon.

We are studio potters, hand-crafting functional and non-functional
work from stoneware. Although our lives outside of the studio can be
hectic, our time spend working in clay offers needed balance while providing
nourishment for our creativity. The tensions of the day can just melt away
as soon as we get our hands in clay. As we work to bring our inspirations to
     life a lot of us goes into each piece. You can see Debra's touch in the
   patterns she incises in her lanterns and the manic attention to detail
embodied in Larry's Acme Boilerworks pieces.

Welcome to Chehalem Mountain Pottery!

Larry and Debra Nelson