our work

Our functional and non-functional stoneware work is mid-fired to cone six
in either our electic kiln or our downdraft propane kiln. We selectively fire our
work using these different tools because the glaze effects vary remarkably
between them. As an example, a glaze high in copper can fire to a rich,
lusterous red in the gas kiln but will likely emerge from the electric kiln showing
a beautiful, teal-green.

Debra's work is made from a smooth white stoneware that's finished with
glazes especially formulated to respond well when fired in the oxygen-poor
environment of the gas kiln.

           Larry chooses from a library of glazes that work well on the red
         stoneware he fires in the unaltered atmosphere of the electric kiln. He
       applies layers of different glazes to achieve the look of old paint or
     weathered metal. His pieces may have as many as eight or nine glazes,
   stains, and/or lusters.