artist statement

Sometimes the clay is cooperative, a partner in the vision.
Sometimes it’s contrary. Working with it is always a

While the clay prefers to relax in elegant, organic shapes
I challenge it to take the shape of something it doesn’t want
to be. Rigidly straight. Machined. As though the piece
was cobbled from spare parts found on a boilermaker's
workbench. Held together with nuts and bolts.

   When the clay and I have reached agreement and we’re
    both content with the result, I find myself negotiating with
     the glaze.

      In the end, I’ve shaped the clay and applied the glaze but
      the final decisions are made in the kiln. The outcome is,
      without a doubt, the result of a three-way partnership
      between the clay, the glaze, and me.

      If all goes well, the collaboration has produced some
      interesting pieces and I've had a chance to exercise my
      creativity. If all goes well, my work will conjure a smile,
      incite a chuckle, or perhaps pour a cup of tea.