about us

In the grand scheme, life needs to be an adventure. And, for many of us
life's adventure is strongly encouraged by the need to discover and create.
In all good adventures one thing always leads to another. In our case,
Debra's early exploration in ceramics led to the birth of Chehalem Mountain

  The day Larry had a potter's wheel delivered became the day his car got
    to park in the driveway. There was no suitable room in our home to dedicate
     to working in clay so the garage became half garage and half studio.

        Larry signed up for Beginning Ceramics at Portland Community College and
         began to discover his talents under the skillful tutelage of Richey Bellinger.
       In no time, with a wheel, a borrowed kiln, a work table, buckets of glaze, and
       two artists crowding half the garage it was obvious that a bigger space was
      needed. With no place to push out a wall or build a separate studio building
       it was time to move.

         So, what kind of a house? A log home seemed like a good idea but since they
         can look out of place in a residential area the search was on for some land.
        To make a long story short, after many long days working at our full-time jobs
       during the day and then laboring well into the wee hours of the morning
      sanding logs or laying tile we had a new log home with a dedicated ceramic
      studio. Chehalem Mountain Pottery had been born. Bright windows look
      out onto lush woodland with towering trees and wandering deer.

Now we could get serious.